My name is Akua Asiedua Asare. Due to my parents diplomatic status and career in the United Nations, I lived and have been educated in the following countries; Ivory Coast, Ghana, Malawi, Ethiopia, Kenya and the United Kingdom.

At the tender age of 10, I attended Ashford Girls boarding school in Ashford, Kent UK. After a couple years there, I joined my parents in Ethiopia, followed by Kenya and back to Ashford for my A-levels. My love for sketching and painting started from the age of 4 yrs old where I would draw; my parents’ portraits, surrounding landscapes and buildings. I was particularly fascinated with the details on Cathedrals, Churches and other buildings hence my pursuit to be an Architect.

During my Architecture degree, I gained a 3 months internship with Kuma Environmental Design (KED). This Architectural Practice based in Surrey was headed by Mr Kuma, who guided me through my architectural journey. My passion and enthusiasm for the field grew whilst shadowing the senior Architect Mr Ato Abbam on site. He taught me how to focus and to draw the existing building carefully as when I reached the office, I would have to produce CAD drawings from my sketches. I graduated with a Bsc in Architecture at the University of East London and soon after commenced a work experience at Churchill-Hui Architects based in Twickenham. I had 3 great Architects to teach me the ropes and this is where I began to learn about Building Regulations as well as being able to present our drawings to the community panel and council. I realised that being able to draw technically in CAD was not enough if the end user didn’t understand the building or the proposal. This is where my interest in Visual Communications began. I decided that I wanted to design, draw technically and most importantly communicate my ideas to the client or end user.

I decided to investigate this “visual communications” and attended The University of Arts – London College of Communications, where I gained a Post Graduate in Graphic Design. My artistic side grew rapidly with the exploration of other mediums. I developed a strong portfolio which in turn helped me to begin my career in the Architectural/Graphic Design world.

In order to get my foot in the Architectural door, I applied for the position of Studio Manager at MSMR Architects. My role later changed to Part 1 architectural assistant, working on various drawings using AutoCAD 2013 (plans, elevations, sections). I worked on high end residential properties which included producing joinery details and interior bathroom drawings. I also worked on the Graphic Design aspects of the practice when needed. This ranged from Project/Job Brochures to PowerPoint presentations. I had the responsibility of managing the website CMS, editing and updating images to refresh the website.I also liaised for 4 months with the web developers in order to launch the new company website. Click here to view my curriculum vitae.